Hot News Stories (10/17/13)

Sanford News (Sanford, ME)
In a recent op-ed, “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month” Mainstream Republican Senator Susan Collins takes on Maine’s “disproportionately high number of domestic violence deaths compared to the national average.”

Decatur Daily (Decatur, AL)
Anti-choice officials in Alabama said Wednesday they are proposing new rules that would reduce the number of abortions a doctor can perform before the practice would have to be regulated as an abortion clinic, increasing the likihood that more clinics will be targeted.

Ravalli Republic (Ravalli, MT)
After anti-choice officials in Ravalli, Montana opted out of Title X funding this year citing objections to providing contraception, and leaving hundreds of low income women without healthcare, one woman is speaking out.

The Columbus Dispatch (Columbus, OH)
With the closure of two more family planning clinics that provide abortions, and a third on the brink of shutting down, Ohio women will have more limited access to reproductive health services than perhaps anytime since the years after the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.


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