Republican Majority for Choice PAC Endorses New York City Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota


Republican Majority for Choice PAC Endorses New York City Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota 


Contact: Mallory Schwarz

WASHINGTON, DC (October 29, 2013) – The Republican Majority for Choice PAC formally endorses Joe Lhota in the New York City Mayoral Race.

“Joe Lhota is just the outspoken independent thinker New York needs,” said Susan Bevan, RMC National Co-Chair. “The large fiscal issues facing New York require the type of responsible, commonsense solutions that Joe Lhota knows how to implement.  He understands the importance of protecting the right of individuals to make personal decisions, including those regarding the healthcare of women and their families.  The election of  Joe Lhota to New York’s Mayoral office will keep the city moving forward.”

Republican Majority for Choice works within the GOP to convey mainstream sentiments on commonsense social policy.  RMC PAC endorses viable pro-choice Republican candidates who support protecting access to the full range of reproductive options including education, prevention, motherhood, adoption, and policies that ensure abortion remains safe and legal.

“Our country needs more mainstream leaders like Joe who will prioritize those economic issues his constituents are concerned about, while ensuring that each individual’s right to choose is protected,” said Candace Straight, RMC National Co-chair. “Joe Lhota truly represents New York Republicans.”

RMC PAC endorses Joe Lhota as a supporter of the priorities of mainstream Americans, committed to putting partisanship aside to advocate for effective policies.  Lhota’s approach to governing stems from his belief in individual freedom and common sense fiscal values.

Republican Majority for Choice * 202-629-1300
1900 L Street, NW, Suite 320, Washington, DC 20036


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