BREAKING: Another Anti-Choice Ban in the Senate

During a time when Congress seems to jump from one budget crisis to another and millions of Americans are concerned about the status of their health insurance, Congressional leaders are once again attempting to legislate a one-size-fits-all big-government mandate on personal reproductive health decisions:

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has just introduced yet another abortion ban to Congress. This ban on abortions prior to viability is not only blatantly unconstitutional but will most severely affect those women already facing the most tragic medical situations.

Let Republicans in the Senate know that you are tired of watching your tax dollars wasted on legislation that has already been declared unconstitutional in federal court, while nothing is being done to prevent the need for abortions.

Take a look at the facts and consider signing RMC’s petition against this anti-choice agenda. 

  • Less than 2% of all abortions occur this late during pregnancy and many of these due to serious medical complications for either the fetus or the woman. 
  • In fact, the medical community has agreed that such bans, which include no exceptions for women’s health and actually criminalize doctors, dangerously impose on physicians ability to freely exercise their judgement and put women’s health at risk.

Sign our petition today. Republicans should focus on facts and real solutions instead of allowing emotional personal beliefs to trump individual freedom, religious freedom and medical science.  

We are tired of watching  the two ‘sides’ screaming at each other and proposing bills that seem to be more about political points.  Now, more than ever, we need commonsense voices to prevail over grandstanding talking points. 

Ask Republican leaders to stay focused on responsible, solutions-based policies that will reduce the need for abortion and save taxpayer dollars.

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