Hot News Stories (11/22/13)

Fox News (USA)
Findings show a myriad of persistent barriers, such as immigration status, transportation, and a dearth of culturally competent care, are denying women across Texas—particularly those living in the Rio Grande Valley—their fundamental human right to affordable reproductive health care.

Capitol Times (Phoenix, AZ)
Arizona is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to revive a state law that disqualifies reproductive health providers from receiving funding for other preventive services they provide if they also provide abortions.

The Republic (Pittsburgh, PA)
A federal judge in western Pennsylvania says Catholic groups don’t immediately have to comply with the contraception mandate in the federal health care overhaul law.

Seattle Times (Seattle, WA)
Confusion about whether abortion would be covered by two insurers in the Washington exchange marketplace set off a scramble this week to set the record straight.

Of Note

Reuters (USA)
Republican governors gathering for an annual conference in Arizona on Thursday sought to portray state leaders as the can-do wing of the party as they face elections, distancing themselves from colleagues unable to break the gridlock in Washington.

New York Times (New York, NY)
President Obama will get a short-term lift for his nominees, judicial and otherwise, but over the immediate horizon, the strong-arm move by Senate Democrats on Thursday to limit filibusters could usher in an era of rank partisan warfare beyond even what Americans have seen in the past five years.

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Republicans and the White House are battling over whether President Obama deserves credit for oil and natural gas production that has surged on his watch.


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