RMC Responds: We Did It! 14,000 New Voices for Choice

This has been an exciting year. Starting after the 2012 presidential election, RMC made the decision to be more vocal and active on facebook and twitter. Since then we have seen an unprecedented response from the mainstream Republican community. From phone calls to letters, social media to email, this year you, our fans and supporters, have been outspoken about the need for a mainstream Republican organization to stand up to extremists pushing big government spending and the overregulation of personal healthcare decisions.

The response we’ve gotten has been unbelievable. In just 12 months we’ve grown by over 14,000 new voices—and we could not have done it without you!


For the last RMC Responds of 2013, we’ve selected a few of our favorite comments from YOU this year. We look forward to more discussion and debate next year – please share our page and keep coming back!

“Thank You!!! I am a Pro Choice Republican like Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Betty Ford and many others! I had come to the conclusion that this was not the party for me anymore. This is a breath of fresh air.”

What ever happened to the Republican Philosophy that was the cornerstone of the GOP and is still fully supported by most Republican women’s organizations? 

Thank you again for taking the “leaders” of our party to task.  They think we are two-year-olds.  Yours is the only Republican organization I donate to, and I’m a life-long Republican.  I would like to be able to quit apologizing for my party.

The Republican Party needs a big enough tent that pro-life and pro-abortion voters are welcome. There are not enough pro-life voters to win an election alone. A person who agrees with me 80% of the time is my friend.

Thank you so much for making this page I really appreciate I am so relieved to know that I am not the only pro-choice republican in the country!!:)

The whole term “moderate” is namby-pamby. I prefer the term “Mainstream Republican.” I am mainstream but certainly not moderate! Moderate is very relative, while you can accurately assess what’s mainstream.

I keep clicking my heels like Dorothy in Oz, repeating “There’s NO war on women…. There’s NO war on women….” Screw it – there definitely is.

Common sense, moderate Republicans are fighting back. RMFC is what being a Republican is all about!

Thank you… Extremists have gotten us nowhere. It’s time to take back the traditional Republican Party.

If you like what you’ve seen here over the past year, please consider making a year-end donation now!


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