Extremists Are At It Again!

Just one week into a new year and ideological extremists in Congress have already shown they are more concerned with pursuing personal moral agendas on social issues than taking on the tough issues plaguing our nation. Federal funding for abortion is already prevented under the law, and in fact has been illegal since the enactment of the 1976 Hyde Amendment that prevents federal Medicaid coverage of the procedure. Yet at the first hearing of the year for the House Judiciary Committee, an all-male panel convened to discuss H.R. 7 the so-called “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion” bill.

This bill aims to restrict abortion coverage under the new healthcare law by barring federal tax credits to individuals who choose to purchase plans that offer abortion coverage or small businesses who offer their employees such coverage. In so many words this legislation would effectively raise taxes on those women and small business owners who choose to purchase private insurance plans that include abortion coverage.

Over 80 percent of private insurance plans currently include abortion coverage as a routine medical procedure. But this politically motivated legislation would discourage insurers from including the procedure in basic plans, eliminating coverage that the majority of insured Americans already have and forcing them to pay out of pocket in the event of such an emergency. Thankfully, however, the measure does include exceptions for cases of rape, incest or when a woman’s life is in danger. But the strict increase in minimum reporting requirements to “prove” a rape are a violation of individual’s privacy and dignity, leaving women who are victims of domestic violence open to intrusive government intervention into their personal lives and medical histories.

This redundant and invasive big-government legislation will not likely pass the Democratic Senate and would not be signed by the President.


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