As Roe Turns 41, RMC Aims to Put Prevention Over Politics

As we mark the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, battles for choice and personal liberty continue to rage across the country.

We, like millions of other Republicans, believe in the GOP core values safeguarding the constitutional protections of privacy and the separation of Church and State. Yet, 41 years after the historic Roe ruling, we struggle with how personal freedom is too often disregarded in political gamesmanship.

Very personal medical and family decisions have become regular headline-making fodder for those of all political stripes. Unfortunately, there are those on both sides more interested in exploiting views for political gain than in opening a meaningful dialogue about ways to protect personal freedom while ensuring woman and families have information and access to ALL of their reproductive health choices. 

Battle lines are too quickly drawn in politics and everything seems black and white, for or against. But we know that in real life voters and families understand that each situation is different, that each family is different, and that all are trying to make the best decisions for themselves.

Roe v. Wade is and has always been about protecting the rights and safety of Americans NOT about the promotion of abortion. And we, like most Americans, believe that information, early intervention and access are the keys to limiting the rate of abortion in our country. Regardless of which label, pro- or anti-choice, we choose to carry, this is a goal we all share.

This week at the RNC’s Winter meeting, a small group of these anti-choice extremists are presenting a resolution encouraging members of OUR Party to be more outspoken in their opposition to the legal right to choose established over four decades ago. After suffering an 11 point gender gap in the last presidential election – the largest documented gender gap in history – and some embarrassing losses due to avoidable political gaffes, the Republican Party needs to refocus its efforts on policies that help voters, women and families NOT promote an agenda that limits their personal freedom.

The RNC Winter Meeting is a time to focus on those issues that unite us, and to present the best policies to get our nation moving forward — not to further an ideological mission that alienates millions of voters and ignores the economic realities facing Americans today.

Roe v Wade is not a political issue, it is common sense.  The underlying principles embedded in Roe; limited government, individual liberty and preventative safeguards apply to economics as much as social policy.

And as we commemorate the truths behind the Roe v. Wade decision — protecting freedom, personal choice, strong families and real solutions—RMC calls on all elected leaders to stop playing politics with a critically important issue regarding personal freedom and autonomy– and start focusing on solutions instead.

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