BREAKING: House to vote on anti-choice H.R. 7 today!

In a time when our country continues to face economic hardship and our government skates by from one standoff to the next, extremists in the U.S. House of Representatives are taking action… to control women’s personal healthcare decisions.


The House is voting on H.R. 7 this afternoon and we need to join together as mainstream Republicans and speak out against this misleading bill today. Sign the petition NOW and let the House know that we will not tolerate this enormous government overreach!

Take a look at the facts and the truth is all too clear: H.R. 7 is big government at its absolute worst.  H.R. 7 claims to stop taxpayer funding of abortion, but any such funding has been banned since 1976.  So what does H.R. 7 really do?

FactH.R. 7 doesn’t codify existing law as claimed by anti-choice supporters, it goes so much further to restrict individual rights and increase medical costs for families.

Fact: Sponsors of H.R. 7 have  stated that their goal is make insurance coverage, including private insurance plans, for women’s reproductive health more difficult to obtain – even when families are using their OWN funds to pay for insurance. 

FactH.R. 7 will interfere with millions of private insurance plans, punishing individuals and businesses for choosing the most comprehensive healthcare in the private market.

Fact: H.R. 7 will increase taxes for women and small businesses. 

Sign today and let Congress know that you believe in individual liberty, not big-government extremism.

It’s time for real Republicans to stand up and let single-issue fanatics know that they don’t control our party or our private lives.


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