Make Sure REAL Republicans Don’t Stand Alone: Thank Rep. Hanna Today!

Yesterday the big-government-control anti-choice extremists inched closer to their goal of turning personal views into federal law. The House passed H.R. 7 an anti-choice bill that interferes with private insurance coverage and penalizes and struggling small businesses. 

One mainstream REAL Republican stood out in the crowd and fought back against this dangerous big-government agenda: New York Congressman Richard Hanna. 

Thank Congressman Hanna today!

I have been a consistent supporter of women’s rights and healthcare organizations in upstate New York that aid women, especially those most vulnerable in our community. While I personally oppose abortion, individuals should be free to make that very difficult and personal decision without heavy-handed government involvement.

The Congressman took a principled stand, but the misinformation campaign from our opponents was well-funded and constant. We need to increase the commonsense mainstream voice to fight back, and that means – YOU!

Our growth in membership has been amazing and we are working non-stop. As we gain traction with outspoken GOP leaders in the states, we need to arm our allies in Congress with the facts and assure them we have grassroots voters — like you– backing us up. The key to bringing more members along is for you to speak up. And that is why we need your voices and support now.

Please Contact Congressman Hanna today and let him know he is not alone.  Show him that Republicans in his district and across the country are behind him. Thank him for putting REAL Republican values above ideological grandstanding and extremism. 

Call his office at 202-225-3665

If you’re in New York, email him

Or thank him on Facebook or Twitter

No matter how you do it – Congressman Richard Hanna needs to hear from you today!

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