Hot News Stories (2/19/14)

The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, KS)
Owners of the J.E. Dunn Co. seem to want to have it both ways. The Kansas company is taking a religious stand against one aspect of the Affordable Care Act, but expresses no moral quandary over accepting federal dollars involving another divisive issue.

The Baptist Standard (USA)
A Tennessee pharmacist and a Baptist church deacon who lost his job after an ongoing dispute over selling Plan B contraception sued his former bosses, claiming he was fired because of his religious beliefs.

Metro News (Charleston, WV)
An anti-choice bill that would ban abortions in West Virginia after the 20 week mark in a pregnancy is advancing through the West Virginia House of Delegates.

The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY)
A California-based biotechnology company developing novel stem cell-based therapies and biomedical products, today announced the completion of discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its Parkinson’s disease (PD) cell therapy program.


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