Hot News Stories (2/21/14)

Fox News Local (Oklahoma City, OK)
The anti-choice Oklahoma House has approved legislation requiring abortion providers to notify women whose fetuses have fatal conditions that hospice services are available as an alternative to an abortion.

Jackson Free Press (Jackson, MS)
One Mississippian argues lawmakers should focus on making births safer – rather than playing politics with women’s health. “Mississippi has some of the worst maternal-health and infant-mortality statistics in the country. By contrast, the state’s abortion complication rate is less than 5 percent.”

Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX)
No matter which side of the pro- vs. anti-choice divide you’re on, there’s broad agreement that declining abortion rates in recent years are a good thing. While there’s disagreement over what’s causing the decline, the evidence suggests contraception and sex education are what’s driving abortion rates down.

Daily News (USA)
The United Nations has urged states to remove “unnecessary restrictions on abortion” and provide access to safe abortion services, in a report by the U.N.’s International Conference on Population and Development  2014.


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