States Spend Millions Defending Unconstitutional Laws

In the last several years, anti-choice laws have become more and more common in states throughout the country.  Many of these laws are purposefully unconstitutional, meant as ideological statements against a woman’s right to choose, and defending them in court certainly isn’t free.

South Dakota, one of the most restrictive states in the nation, has spent around $170,000 defending a single law that is still in the courts.  The law itself contains a number of anti-choice regulations, including a requirement that women consult “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are not actual medical facilities and have been shown to lie or mislead women about basic reproductive healthcare.  That cost is the discounted rate for the state’s defense, which is still in the very early stages, and will continue to rise as the court battle continues.

Unfortunately, South Dakota represents just a fraction of the money that has recently been spent to defend ideological, extremist legislation.  Millions in taxpayer dollars are already being shelled out in states such as Kansas and Texas, where dangerous and unconstitutional laws are becoming all too common.  The numbers simply do not lie – anti-choice extremism means big government and wasted taxpayer money.

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