He said WHAT?

ImageAnti-choice rhetoric is full of claims that abortion restrictions protect or even empower women.  But this couldn’t be farther from the truth and the extremists can’t hide their real agenda. Yet again, a lawmaker claiming to be a Republican has revealed his true colors. 

This week, Virginia State Senator Steve Martin took to Facebook to rant extensively, and one ridiculous comment especially stuck out: “I’m not going to assume a right to kill it just because the child’s host (some refer to them as mothers) doesn’t want it to remain alive.”

According to Martin, a woman is really just the “child’s host”– “some refer to them as mothers.” We’re pretty sure everyone refers to them as mothers, or women.  And we noticed the words ‘woman’ or ‘person’ were notably absent from the paragraph.  

While Martin has taken heat from the left for these absurd and utterly ridiculous statements,it is critical that these extremists know they are not welcome in our Party either. WE know such ignorant extremists do NOT represent REAL Republicans. But we need your voices and your support today to drown out their offensive ramblings. Make support RMC today and help us show these extremists their ignorance has no place in the REAL GOP. Please make a contribution of 10, 50 or whatever you can give. Help us be your voice, the voice of the REAL Republican majority!


One Comment on “He said WHAT?”

  1. Bruce Rogers says:

    In his famous essay, On Liberty, the philosopher, John Stuart Mill, said that we show that we believe in Freedom of Speech when we defend the rights to speak to whose “with whom we totally disagree.” So I am glad that the anti-abortionists have the right to speak, because if they are denied that, then maybe you and I will be next.

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