Antichoice TRAP Laws Advance in a Number of States

New abortion restrictions are emerging in legislatures across the nation.  The last week alone has seen an onslaught of laws on the state level both restricting women’s access to reproductive health services and endangering physicians, It appears that anti-choice activists have not tired of pushing regulations that specifically target abortion providers as a means of ending legal access.

Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or TRAP laws, as these restrictions are known, have become a popular anti-choice tactic, and are currently being considered in a number of states, including Indiana and Oklahoma.

In Indiana, a bill is set to move to the full House floor that will increase the requirements for abortion providers seeking admitting privilege agreements with hospitals, which are already required by law.  Voting against the bill was Republican Rep. Sean Eberhart, who sensibly pointed out, “we continue to make it more and more difficult with unnecessary regulations for a woman to choose a legal procedure.”

Oklahoma is also moving forward on new restrictions for abortion providers.  The state Senate there is set to consider a bill that not only requires physicians to obtain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, but also imposes new requirements that must be met by the facilities themselves. 

In both of these states, anti-choice lawmakers are attempting to conceal harsh restrictions with uncontroversial language.  For more information on why TRAP laws actually prove harmful to women and constitute egregious government waste, check out the RMC blog.


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