#REALRepublicans Are Fighting Back!

With state legislative sessions now in full swing, extremists are back pushing anti-choice bills aimed at limiting women’s access to preventive medicine. But for every absurd remark about women’s libido’s – there are more REAL Republican voices speaking out for individual rights.

This week an Indiana Republican, state Representative Sean Eberhart, spoke out defiantly against a bill proposing increased government regulation of reproductive health facilities saying, We continue to make it more and more difficult with unnecessary regulations for a woman to choose a legal procedure.

Representative Eberhart says he is personally pro-life, but he recognizes that personal medical decisions should be left to individuals and their families. He was the ONLY member of either party to vote against this medically unnecessary, big-government bill in a state House committee hearing.

We need your help today to support commonsense Republicans like Representative Eberhart who aren’t affraid to stand up to opposition from both sides. If you are tired of right-wing extremists claiming to represent OUR Republican party – speak up now, and help us prove that REAL Republicans value individual liberty and limited government.  We must work together to fight extremism in our party – show your support today!


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