FDA Expands Access to Emergency Contraception

After years of restrictions, the FDA has finally announced that generic forms of emergency contraception can be sold over the counter without age restrictions.

The decision is a huge step for expanding equal access to birth control.  While Plan B is already sold over the counter, cheaper generic forms have remained subject to burdensome restrictions.  Under those old rules, many young and low-income women found it difficult to access emergency contraception, which is more effective the sooner it is taken after unprotected sex.  Now, however, all women will be able to access emergency contraception without facing discrimination or extra costs.

Emergency contraception has long been accepted by the medical community, yet has for years faced obstacles from the government.  This latest FDA ruling marks enormous progress in the expansion of contraception access.  While many women and even pharmacists still are not fully educated on how emergency contraception works and where it is available, the new rules will hopefully prompt a push for better understanding.    


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