Hot News Stories (3/5/14)

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)
Last week, a South Carolina House subcommittee voted deadlock on a bill that would improve current state sex ed protocol such as requiring that health education teachers to be certified to teach in that area. At present, there is no standard, so students in many districts receive incomplete, and sometimes inaccurate, information about their sexual health.

Kansas City Kansan (Kansas City, KS)
As the Kansas Legislature discusses restricting how sex education can be taught across the state, some sexuality experts say the programs are already inadequate in preparing students for adulthood.

NY 1 News (New York, NY)
The number of abortions and live births in both New York city and across the country have been declining for more than a decade, and while those numbers are consistent across all ethnic groups, abortions are still the highest among black women. A new report on those statistics points to severe health disparities as the leading cause.


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