#RealRepublicans Take a Stand in Texas

Anti-choice extremists in Texas are once again trying to use scare tactics to manipulate elections.  But mainstream Republicans are standing up and voters are standing with them! Texas State Representative Sarah Davis is a commonsense Republican who was vocal in her opposition to the big-government anti-choice regulations that passed in 2013 saying, “just as much as I’m opposed to the overregulation of industry, I’m opposed to the Legislature practicing medicine.”

Although she was targeted by anti-choice groups such as Texas Right to Life, this Tuesday Representative Davis took more than 70 percent of the vote in her Houston District.  “I ran my campaign on the same theme as the previous two cycles: standing for personal freedom, individual responsibility and limited government,” Davis said. “Those are the principles I was elected on, and they are what the voters of District 134 value from their leaders.”

Remember, these same anti-choicers are celebrating the news today that two reproductive health clinics will close in Texas because of extreme legislation they claimed would help women and families.  The reality is they are now forcing more and more families from cost-effective clinic based health care to seek out more costly and less available healthcare.  No matter how they try to spin their propaganda the truth is the anti-choice agenda is big government intrusion that is neither fiscally conservative or socially responsible. 

We have to stand with leaders like Rep. Sarah Davis. 

One Comment on “#RealRepublicans Take a Stand in Texas”

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Yay!! Posted here, netural on social issues but Republican / Indie / Libertarian & in IN CALIFORNIA

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