REAL Republicans Are Speaking Out!

You are not the only one tired of the faux Republican values of social extremists!

We are fighting for Real Republican principles– and leaders across the country are standing with us,  fighting back against the litmus test wing who have absolutely no regard for GOP founding principles.

In Massachusetts, candidate for Congress and former state Senator Richard Tisei has become and strong and clear voice for limited government and individual liberty.  In his own words, Tisei perfectly sums up Republican values and what the party needs to do to survive in the future:

“My platform is the government should get off your back, out of your bedroom, and out of your wallet.  I’ve always been pro-choice and in favor of gay marriage.  The Republican Party of old was the party that led the nation on woman’s suffrage, the party that made Native Americans full citizens.  We don’t need to reinvent ourselves, we need to remember our past.”

Tisei’s dedication to real Republican principles is exactly what Washington and the country needs. Social extremists continue to abuse the party in pursuit of their own radical agenda, but Republicans like Tisei truly understand and represent the party. Throughout the country, Republicans have the opportunity to speak up and support candidates who actually believe in limited government; we cannot afford to let the party stray any further from its founding principles!

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