Another Anti-Choice Abortion Ban is Struck Down!

Last Friday a federal judge struck down an Arkansas law that would have banned most abortion at 12 weeks of pregnancy, making Arkansas one of the most restrictive states in the nation for women.

In her ruling, the District Court judge stated explicitly that the law “impermissibly infringes a woman’s Fourteenth Amendment right to elect to terminate a pregnancy before viability,” as is protected by Roe v. Wade the groundbreaking 1973 Supreme Court ruling. 

Friday’s ruling is completely consistent with court precedent for the last forty years, and highlights the dangerous, wasteful nature of anti-choice legislation.  Even the original sponsor of the legislation stated that the ruling was “not unexpected,” an indication that his ideological beliefs, not good governance, were behind the statue.  Anti-choice legislators continue to introduce and pass hundreds of unconstitutional laws each year, knowing that they will be struck down, with no concern for the significant costs to taxpayers or the time that could be better spent helping citizens. 

The Arkansas attorney general has said that he has not yet determined whether the state will appeal the ruling.  Alabama recently enacted similar legislation, and states such as North Dakota have already had even more severely restrictive laws blocked by the courts.  Even so, extreme anti-choice legislation across the nation continues to threaten women’s healthcare and taxpayers’ pocketbooks.


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