Senator Mark Kirk Sponsors Promising Bipartisan Medical Research Bill

Commonsense Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois introduced a new bipartisan bill last week that could have a profound impact on the future of American medicine.

The new legislation establishes a national strategy for research in regenerative medicine, which holds the potential to treat and cure many serious medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and ALS.  “As a stroke survivor, I know firsthand the importance of medical research and therapy,” Senator Kirk explained, showing that he is dedicated to this expansive solution, which could save many American lives.

Not only is the regenerative medicine legislation a potentially enormous step forward for modern medicine, but it also holds the potential to yield enormous financial benefits for the nation as well.  One study estimated that regenerative medicine could result in savings of $250 billion on direct costs associated with late-stage Parkinson’s disease, new cases of spinal cord injury, heart failure, stroke, and insulin-dependent diabetes.

Senator Kirk’s bipartisan legislation highlights his dedication to smart investments and the well-being of citizens across the nation.


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