Hot News Stories (3/20/14)

Huffington Post (USA)
Bishops have said they will acknowledge that Church doctrine on marriage, sex and family is disconnected from the reality of life for most Catholics, after a Vatican survey of Irish Catholics showed respondents had “particular difficulties” with those teachings.

Houma Today (Baton Rouge, LA)
A proposal to add new anti-choice restrictions on abortion providers in Louisiana gets its first legislative hearing, before the House health care committee this week.

Washington Times (Washington, DC)
City officials in Madison, Wisconsin have “tweaked” a far-reaching new buffer-zone law designed to keep anti-choice protestors away from health care facilities, but anti-choice activists plan to proceed with a lawsuit to block the law.

STL News (St. Louis, MO)
For at least 35 years, Missouri has been one of the major battlefields in the ongoing fight over reproductive rights, contraception and abortion. Based on the last few weeks in Jefferson City, not much has changed.


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