Hot News Stories (3/31/14)

Reuters (USA)
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up preliminary appeals brought by Roman Catholic groups that want an exemption from part of the federal healthcare law requiring employers to provide insurance that covers contraception.

Charleston News (Charleston, WV)
West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a controversial anti-choice bill on Friday. Tomblin said his reason for vetoing House Bill 4588, which would have banned abortions at 20 weeks, was that it was unconstitutional.

Mass Live (Boston, MA)
A debate is brewing in the Massachusetts Legislature about sex education, as seven of the nine gubernatorial candidates last week came out seemingly in favor of a bill that would require school districts that teach sex education to teach about both abstinence and contraception, as well as healthy relationships.

Alaska Dispatch (Anchorage, AK)
A letter to the Alaska Dispatch against a recent anti-choice bill moving forward in the state legislature gets to the heart of what it means to the a pro-choice Republican, “How can anyone in the Alaska Legislature’s Majority think that meddling in a doctor-patient relationship is NOT a personal liberty issue?…Demanding a “this or that” alternative in the private, personal choices between a doctor and patient prohibits the distinctive yet politically dispersed decisions of personal, private choice.”


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