Arizona Law Could Prove Huge Setback for Women’s Health and Physician Autonomy

Residents of Arizona are still awaiting word on whether or not a new anti-choice restriction will go into effect tomorrow. Last week, a federal judge heard arguments on both sides of a challenge to Arizona law, but has yet to issue a decision either way.  Without judicial action, the law will become effective April 1st.

This newest Arizona law is a particularly restrictive instance of anti-choice legislators not only inserting themselves into doctors’ offices, but determining that they as lawmakers are most qualified to be making medical decisions. The action not only flies in the face of Republican ideals, but also endangers women’s health.

Under the new law, physicians will be forced to administer RU-486, a drug used to induce abortions in the early stages of pregnancy, in a specific manner that is largely considered outdated.  In other words, the law will make the safest form of abortion more risky by forcing doctors to use outdated methods of administration. The law is a clear attempt to end access to safe and legal abortion without any regard for the consequences or the government overreach. 


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