Hot News Stories (4/2/14)

Post and Courier (Columbia, SC)
A South Carolina House panel approved a pro-choice measure on Tuesday that will update the state’s outdated sex education law. The bill was introduced during the 2013 legislative session by Republican Representatives B.R. Skelton and Jenny Horne and would require reproductive health education to stress the importance of abstinence but include medically accurate information.

Jackson Hole News (Jackson, CO)
The closing of a nonprofit clinic in west Jackson, Colorado could leave many young, low-income women in the valley with limited access to low-cost birth control options.

Virtual-Strategy News (USA)
Reflecting on the War on Poverty as it entered its fiftieth year, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared in January that “the greatest tool to lift children and families from poverty” is not government intervention, but marriage. A new Roosevelt Institute study argues family planning services are an essential component of poverty reduction programs, and one that is far more effective than promoting marriage.


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