In Oklahoma, the Doctor is in the House


Mainstream Republicans are standing strong against single issue extremists and fighting two anti-choice bills advancing in Oklahoma.

Republican state Representative Doug Cox, himself a physician with over two decades of experience, has been outspoken in fighting these dangerous and medically unnecessary bills, saying neither bill had much of anything to do with women’s safety. 

Even the Oklahoma State Medical Association agrees these bills are intrusive and unnecessary.

The first bill is an attempt by anti-choice legislators to place medically unnecessary regulations on reproductive health clinics that also provide abortions. Rep. Doug Cox tried to amend this bill to include dermatologists as others needing increased regulation, arguing somewhat facetiously that this made just about as much sense as the bill’s original intent.

The second bill would violate the FDA’s safety regulations of emergency contraception by banning sales of Plan B to girls younger than 17 without a prescription.

Again, Representative Doug Cox spoke up, “This bill is prejudiced.” It’s prejudiced against women” Cox said. “A 14-year old boy can go to the truck stop and buy all the condoms he wants. He can control his destiny. This bill takes the ability to control their destiny away from women. But that’s what we do in the Republican Party these days.”

We understand the frustrated sentiments expressed by Rep. Cox about those conservatives more concerned with using ideological litmus tests than with strengthening and growing a National Party. RMC applauds Representative Doug Cox for defending real Republican values of individual liberty and small government. He is the kind of commonsense leader we need more of in the Republican Party. 

Click here to send an email saying Thank you to Representative Doug Cox! He needs to hear from you! 

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