Arkansas Pushes Extremist Fight with Taxpayer Money

Arkansas has decided to join the growing group of anti-choice states that are racking up millions of dollars in legal fees to defend blatantly unconstitutional legislation.

Last Friday, the Arkansas Attorney General filed an appeal to the 8th Circuit after a District Court judge struck down the state’s latest anti-choice bill.  The bill aims to ban abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, which clearly contradicts Roe v. Wade and is unlikely to be upheld by any court.  Arkansas leaders, however, determined that the ideological crusade to undermine Roe is more important than the time and money that will be spend unsuccessfully defending the law.

At a news conference to announce the appeal, the original sponsor of the bill, State Senator Jason Rapert, declared that he thinks the bill could go all the way to the Supreme Court and overturn Roe, despite the fact that the majority of Americans consistently support leaving Roe in place.  Unfortunately, this extremist campaign is another example of the anti-choice movement ignoring voters and creating more government waste. 


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