Hot News Stories (4/14/14)

Anchorage Daily News (Anchorage, AK)
An anti-choice  measure that aims to restrict state funding for abortions sought by poor and low-income women cleared the Alaska House on Sunday night on a 23-17 vote without a provision that could prevent abortions by ensuring access to birth control.

North West Arkansas News (Little Rock, AR)
The state of Arkansas has appealed a federal judge’s decision to strike down part of an anti-choice law that banned most abortions at or after 12 weeks, well before the period of fetal viability.

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
A bill that would change the exceptions to legal abortions was passed by the Florida House Friday. Opponents said that the bill would create scenario under which physicians could be legally culpable by mistakenly determining the viability.

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