Show your thanks to Real Republican Oklahoma state Rep. Doug Cox!

This week, mainstream Republican leader, Oklahoma state Representative Dr. Doug Cox once again led the fight against dangerous anti-choice legislation.

If you follow us on Facebook or get our emails, you know this is not the first time that Rep. Doug Cox has been outspoken in opposition to big government bills that will harm Oklahoma families and waste taxpayer dollars. (See other posts here, here and here!)

It’s time for us to say THANK YOU. 

RMC is printing up personal postcards to show our appreciation to Representative Dr. Doug Cox. Sign up today and we will send you a pre-addressed postcard. All you have to do is sign your name and drop it in the mail.

Not sure if it’s worth it?

This week, the Oklahoma House passed a big-government, anti-choice bill that, as Rep. Cox said, will nothing but give oversight of the medical profession to individuals without medical training.

And it gets worse.  At the last minute, extremists in the Oklahoma House added a personhood amendment that not only would outlaw all legal abortion, but would ban all embryonic stem cell research, many of the most effective methods of birth control and even in-vitro fertilization.  This is a blatant attempt by legislators to take away families’ ability to make personal healthcare decisions.  Throughout the debate Rep. Doug Cox was the sole voice of reason — from either side of the aisle.   “If you want to stop abortions, stop unwanted pregnancies,” Cox said.

In today’s climate of political extremes, this kind of commonsense conservatism should not go unnoticed. Join RMC in saying THANK YOU today. Click here to request a personalized postcard to Rep. Dr. Doug Cox! He needs to hear from you!


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