RMC Responds: Finding Common Ground

rmc_responds1This week an RMC twitter follower had some choice words for us: “you can go join the pro baby killing side anytime. Republicans are pro-life.“

This accusation highlights a critical part of Republican Majority for Choice’s general philosophy. There are millions of Republicans who are pro-choice standing by the party’s long held cornerstone of limiting government control of individual’s personal lives. Being a pro-choice Republican is about finding common ground – not about pointing fingers.  Nobody is pro-abortion. But supporting choice is about much more than abortion. Supporting reproductive choice includes all possible options including education, abstinence, prevention, motherhood, adoption and abortion. Ensuring that women and families have the access and ability to make the best choices for themselves is the foundation of our pro-choice ideology.

Republicans, like all political parties, are not a monolithic group and our aim is to move past the rhetoric and come together to find commonsense solutions to the problem.  Most Americans believe in the need to decrease the rate and incidence of abortion. Likewise, the majority of both Republicans and Americans support sound fiscal policy that cuts government waste, controls tax burdens and focuses smart government spending on policies that actually work.  We know the best way to reduce the need for and rate of abortion is through increasing access to preventive family planning and comprehensive sex-education. And as pro-choice Republicans, we know that our Party agenda must be more welcoming and stop focusing on extreme policies that infringe on individual rights. Commonsense legislation that focuses on prevention is the very best way to get both our nation and our party back on track.


One Comment on “RMC Responds: Finding Common Ground”

  1. Douglas Parker says:

    Very well said. You have the full support of RINOcracy.com.

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