Anti-Choice Laws Advance in Louisiana

Louisiana state legislators are moving forward on legislation that mirrors part of the draconian law passed last year in Texas.

A State Senate panel advanced a bill last week that includes requirements for doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.  Supporters claim that the law will protect women.  However, anti-choice extremists are really looking to shut down women’s clinics in the state, since admitting privileges are difficult to obtain but do nothing to increase the safety or healthcare of patients who experience complications.

Similar big-government regulations have been used in Texas to target reproductive health clinics that provide abortion services, and have resulted in closures of family planning clinics across the state, leaving hundreds of thousands of families without access to preventive care.

Update 5/15:

This bill overwhelmingly passed the state Senate. The Governor has indicated he will sign the legislation. As a result, three of the state’s five remaining family planning clinics that also offer abortion services will likely be denied admitting privileges and forced to close.


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