Republican Majority for Choice Denounces RNC Resolution to Ban Abortion


Republican Majority for Choice Denounces RNC Resolution to Ban Abortion

Contact: Mallory Schwarz

(May 15, 2014) – Today Republican Majority for Choice denounced the Republican National Committee for once again catering to extremists and using misleading tactics to gain political points.

At the 2014 RNC Spring Meeting in Memphis, TN the RNC passed a resolution supporting so-called “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Laws” – that would unconstitutionally ban abortion before the point of fetal viability.

The majority of Americans support commonsense preventive measures that are proven to decrease the rate of abortions nationwide. This type of political resolution only serves to further disingenuous political pandering. “The American people have had enough of politicians interfering in private health concerns and are exhausted by the lack of leadership in Washington. At what point will our Party start leading?” asked RMC National Co-Chair Susan Bevan. “We are all united in the goal to lessen abortions and we know prevention is the solution – this is where attention should be focused,” continued Bevan. “But we need leaders who understand that ideologically driven bills come with real economic consequences, not only for women but for all taxpayers.”

Well-known statistics show that less than two percent of all abortions happen after 20 weeks gestation. Many of these are the result of serious fetal health issues only detectable later in pregnancy or emergency medical situations. Further, from a medical perspective so-called ‘fetal pain’ legislation lacks proven and universally accepted scientific evidence. Instead, such bills rely on anecdotal ‘evidence’ and unsubstantiated ‘conclusions’ to target women and families already facing desperate situations.

“Once again, the Republican Party has revealed its willingness to use women’s health as a political football – unfairly singling out reproductive health for big-government regulation that interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and violates the most basic rights to privacy,” said RMC National Co-Chair Candy Straight. “No other area of internal medicine is subjected to such one-size fits-all standards that supersede even the physicians’ own good judgment,” Straight said.

Republican Majority for Choice has long been a fierce opponent of government intervention into American’s personal decisions, favoring the right to privacy, limited government and individual freedom over increased and unnecessary governmental intrusion. RMC urges the RNC and Republican legislators to refocus their efforts on preventive reproductive health policies, like comprehensive sex-education, that are guaranteed to both reduce the rate of and need for abortion, and save taxpayer dollars.


Republican Majority for Choice * 202-629-1300
1900 L Street, NW, Suite 614, Washington, DC 20036

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