RMC Responds: Where is the REAL GOP Leadership? TAKE ACTION TODAY

rmc_responds1What a week!

Last weekend the Republican National Committee has passed a resolution unilaterally supporting anti-choice abortion bans – once again putting divisive politics over serious economic issues. And if that wasn’t enough – on Tuesday anti-choice Senator Lindsey Graham tried to force discussion on a dangerous anti-choice ban in the middle of a debate on a tax bill! Talk about mixed up priorities.

One of our Facebook commenters really hit the nail on the head: “This bill has no chance in hell of getting passed and they know it. [Republicans] spend the legislative calendar wasting tax dollars on symbolic votes to wave red meat at their base.”

When will we see REAL leadership from the Republican Party?? We are truly fed up with Party leaders who seem obsessed with the personal healthcare decisions of women and families – at the expense of real economic priorities. We need leadership that understands that there ARE economic consequences to these ideological bills.

Join RMC is telling the RNC and Republican Leadership that it is time to TURN AWAY from anti-choice extremism – and start focusing on ways to bring the party together and find real solutions to the problems facing our nation.  Sign our petition to the RNC NOW! 


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