Hot News Stories (5/28/14)

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)
The Louisiana state Senate passed two anti-choice bills Tuesday. One requiring women seeking abortions to be given misleading information about so-called ’emotional repercussions’ The other would prohibit family planning organizations that also offer abortions from providing health education in public or charter schools.

Twin Cities News (Madison, WI)
A federal judge heard arguments from family planning providers Tuesday that Wisconsin’s law requiring admitting privileges is unnecessary and creates delays for women seeking legal abortions. An earlier ruling by the court blocked the law from taking effect until the ruling, which is not expected for weeks.

KY3 Local News (Little Rock, AR)
The Arkansas Attorney General filed a brief Tuesday with a federal appeals court arguing that it should overturn a federal judge’s ruling that the state’s anti-choice 12-week abortion ban is unconstitutional. The legislation was enacted last year, overriding a veto by Gov. Mike Beebe.


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