Hot News Stories (5/29/2014)

San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA)
From Texas to Alabama, anti-choice laws are forcing many women to travel hundreds of miles to find a reproductive health clinic. The laws, requiring abortion doctors to have privileges to admit patients to local hospitals, could have a profound impact on women in poor and rural sections of the Bible Belt.

The Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, AL)
A former ATF official said Wednesday that fear of intimidation and harassment make it impossible to find family planning clinic doctors in the local community. There were 6,484 disruptions at family planning clinics and 20 incidents of stalking in 2013. This is yet another argument against anti-choice laws that require admitting privileges for clinic doctors who often travel from out-of-state.

News9 Local News (Oklahoma City, OK)
Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma signed into law an anti-choice bill Wednesday that imposes strict regulations and requirements on family planning clinics that provide abortion services in Oklahoma including requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The Tennessean (TN)
Tennessee legislatures have proposed an anti-choice constitutional amendment that will give state lawmakers more power over personal medical decisions. Recent polls show 71% of registered voters say they would oppose giving lawmakers constitutional authority to regulate abortions.

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