In Michigan, Skyrocketing Abortion Rates the Result of Family Planning Cuts

Nearly one-third of all pregnancies in Detroit end in abortion, a consequence of increased poverty and decreased access to family planning. From 2006 to 2013, Michigan drastically cut state funding for women’s health by 99% to a measly $692,300. The number of clients receiving free family-planning assistance dropped by about 80,000 in that same span of time. As a result, the abortion rate in Detroit is now three times the state’s rate.

Even though a dollar spent on family planning each year saves nearly $6 the next year in Medicaid costs alone, many anti-choice activists urge their legislatures to reduce family planning funding, citing the myth that contraception aborts a pregnancy. Contraception prevents pregnancy and to suggest otherwise is detrimental to public policy and the health of the poor in need of family planning. 99% of American women use or have used contraception during their reproductive years, according to the Guttmacher Institute. An overwhelming majority of American women support the use of contraception.

Decreased funding means less access to contraceptives and age-appropriate sexual health information that are proven to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies. National studies continue to show a direct correlation between abortion and poverty. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Michigan will restore any funding in the upcoming state budget or change its policy on sex education, which is not currently mandated in schools.


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