Arizona Law Claiming to Protect Women is Declared Unsafe and Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court struck down an anti-choice Arizona law regulating RU-486, a safe, commonly used drug that induces abortions. When extremists in the Arizona legislature passed this law in 2012, they claimed it would protect women’s health. In reality, it attempts to erase the results of 13 years of scientific advancement that find this drug to be the safest method of early abortion. Judge William Fletcher of the circuit court wrote, “Arizona has presented no evidence whatsoever that the law furthers any interest in women’s health.” Real Republicans limit the government in ways that encourage the medical community to protect people. They don’t defy major medical organizations to make ideological statements.

This law in Arizona is an example of big government interfering in the private doctor-patient relationship and limiting doctors’ rights and ability to provide safe healthcare. The anti-choice law forces doctors to prescribe 3 times more than the evidence-based, doctor recommended dosage of RU-486, which is unnecessary, more expensive and more dangerous for women. At this dosage, the procedure is 2 times more likely to fail and women are 4 times more likely to need an additional, follow-up surgical procedure. By forcing women to have an additional, unnecessary doctor’s visit, legislatures also subject them to the possibility of experiencing the effects of the drug during their car ride home – rather than in a safe space.

Women are more likely to suffer complications from a constitutionally protected procedure because of Arizona’s extreme anti-choice law. By attempting to remove the option of a medication induced abortion, Arizona state legislatures force women to undergo unnecessary, less safe surgical procedures. This impedes upon their individual liberty, a core Republican value. The legislation denies women the freedom to choose the safer healthcare option.


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