RMC Responds: The Hard Choices of Family Planning

rmc_responds1At RMC, we believe Real Republicans should prioritize family planning services that prevent unintended pregnancies and give women the information and resources they need to do what is best for themselves and their families. This week one Facebook commenter responded to our call for legislatures to put prevention over politics with this: “Abortion is NOT family planning. It is a way out of planning a family.”

The reality is that being pro-choice is not pro-abortion and RMC supports the full range of reproductive choices including prevention, planning, education, adoption, motherhood and the right to make personal medical decisions for your family, which includes abortion.  Our advocacy efforts focus on increasing access to reproductive health services; this goes hand-in-hand with supporting motherhood. Family planning includes a wide range of services and information that women need to remain healthy at every stage of their lives and their pregnancies. Family planning services like accessible contraceptives, cancer screenings and STD testing are essential to the health of a mother and the children she already does or plans to have.

Most women who seek abortions are already mothers who are working to give their children the best future possible. Six in 10 women having an abortion already have one child and more than three in 10 already have two or more children.  For these families, undergoing the procedure is often to support the children they already have.  Of women seeking abortions, 60% are low-income, struggling economically, and have very little support from a partner. For those women especially, the decision to have a child is based on their ability to plan for the future of the family they already have.

Family planning is the best, most effective way for women to take personal responsibility for the health of their newborns. Real Republicans believe in fiscal conservatism and limited government, which is why they understand that when a woman plans and raises her family she should have every safe option to do so.  Many factors influence a woman’s choice to seek an abortion and often times the most significant is their desire to have a safe, planned pregnancy in the future- and not a legislature attempting to strip her of her rights and freedoms.


One Comment on “RMC Responds: The Hard Choices of Family Planning”

  1. Amalthea says:

    I wish you could wrest your party away from the religious fanatics and uneducated Teabaggers. I feel so strongly about my bodily autonomy and self-determination that I registered as a Democrat, and only pro-choice candidates will receive my vote.

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