We Need YOU to Speak Out Against Virginia TRAP Laws!

Real Republicans: We need YOU to speak out today!

Good news: the bogus anti-choice TRAP laws that went into effect in Virginia last year are back under review by the State Board of Health– and YOU have a chance to weigh in!

As you know, RMC and our membership have long been united in the fight against the Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. These “TRAP” laws require family planning clinics that also provide abortions to widen hallways, add parking spaces, and complete other costly and unnecessary building renovations.

The extremists pushing these laws claim they are ‘protecting women’ but we know such laws serve no explicit medical purpose and do little to increase safety for women. Unfortunately, the misinformation campaign won out – and these laws went into effect in 2013 resulting in the immediate closure of five of the state’s family planning clinics.

Now you have a chance to voice your opposition to these regulations and ensure that the remaining 18 clinics can stay open and continue to provide vital health and family planning services to women across Virginia.

The 45-day public comment period for the Virginia Board of Health’s review of women’s reproductive health clinic regulations opened this week and will remain open until July 31st. We’ve created a sample letter below which you can copy and paste or, if you have time, you can add your own concerns.

It is so important for all Real Republicans, especially Virginians, to make their voices heard today!
Click here to access the public comment portal and copy and paste the below statement:

Comment Subject / Title –  Republicans Oppose Unnecessary Government Overreach

Dear Members of the Virginia Board of Health,

I write to ask you to repeal the recent regulations of women’s reproductive health centers in order to preserve Virginia women’s access to comprehensive reproductive care. As a Republican who believes in the core conservative values of limited government, fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility, I encourage the board members to heed the advice of unbiased medical experts instead of anti-choice extremists.

Virginia is a state known for and extremely proud of its pro-business environment, but these regulations overburden small, safe local businesses. No other legal out-patient facilities face these burdensome regulations that medical experts agree do nothing to increase patient safety. This is an example of big government picking and choosing which safe, legal out-patient facilities should exist in the free market. Closing family planning clinics for ideological reasons causes economic problems and creates health risks for the whole state of Virginia.

Extremists claim to be protecting women with these medically unnecessary and onerous regulations, but the reality is that less than 1% of women experience a major complication during or after an abortion. By forcing clinics to close and discontinue comprehensive reproductive health care, such as cancer screenings and family planning, as well as safe, legal first-trimester abortion, the Department of Health is putting women and their families at risk.

Instead of minimizing the economic impact of legislation on small business, these regulations purposely maximize costs and health risks. Average Americans do not want the non-partisan world of healthcare to make a political statement with medically unnecessary, burdensome anti-choice regulations. As an American, Virginian, and Republican, I encourage the health board members to repeal the current legislation.


[Your name here]
Republican Majority for Choice Member

The 45-day public comment period will last until July 31st –– so please act today!

As the conservative voices for women’s reproductive rights, it is our time to stand up to extremists and ask the Virginia Board of Health to trust women. You can make a difference by visiting the Public Comment Forum and sharing the above message!


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