SCOTUS Rules Against Individual Liberty

Update:  You can read about the broader impact of the hobby Lobby Ruling here, and read about RMC’s position on the Justice’s remarks here.


Monday morning the U.S. Supreme Court struck a blow to individual freedom and liberty. 

The high court’s decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp v. Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services explicitly allows for-profit companies to deny contraceptive coverage to employees based on their personal beliefs. 

As Republicans, we have been concerned about the affordability of the so-called Affordable Care Act from the start, especially the increased costs the law will place on small businesses. But there can be no doubt that allowing any employer to dictate their employee’s personal medical decisions is a violation of individual liberty.

Like many others, we wish equity in birth control coverage was not tied up in the political battle of Obamacare. Yet, regardless of the vehicle, the contraception mandate created equal and unfettered access to birth control, leveling the playing field in prescriptive drug coverage.  Expanding birth control access is a smart investment for women, families and taxpayers — and the best way to reduce the rate and incidence of abortion nationwide.

Today’s ruling allows certain employers to pick and choose specific drugs available to their employees – claiming their personal beliefs should trump a physician’s medical directives on what medications are best for their patients. This decision creates a hierarchy for religious liberty, in which employer’s beliefs take precedence over the wellbeing of individual employees.

Republican Majority for Choice has long been an ardent defender of individual freedom and liberty and believes these freedoms should extend through all personal health, medical or religious decisions. We are disappointed to bring you this news today.


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