Georgia 25th State to Infringe on Private Insurance Coverage

In America, insurance companies have always had the right to decide, based on free market principles and their own risk pool calculations, what procedures would be covered in the healthcare plans they offer, including abortions. State health exchange provisions in the federal healthcare reform law, however, now allow states to pass laws interfering with insurance companies’ autonomy. This anti-choice trend bans abortion coverage that most insurance companies already provide voluntarily.

Despite opposition from nine mainstream Republicans in the General Assembly and the Senior Republican Deputy Whip in the State Senate, Georgia became the 25th state to outlaw private insurance coverage of abortion in state healthcare exchanges on Monday. In Georgia specifically this private sector infringement not only goes against the conservative values of limited government but does so without including exceptions for rape or incest. Nine of the 25 states banning coverage go beyond the state exchanges to completely ban every private provider in the state from providing women the coverage they expect and pay for. Extremists have abandoned Republican values completely in those states by using big government to dictate what private insurance can and cannot cover in the free market.

Eight of these states do not include exceptions for rape or incest and there are now fifteen additional bans that have been introduced into five other state legislatures. Certain states allow providers to charge women for additional insurance riders that are very limited in scope and extremely expensive. These provisions forcing women to anticipate and pay for a pregnancy from rape or incest, what has now become known as “rape insurance”.

Most of these private insurance bans deny coverage in situations when there is a high likelihood of permanent damage to a woman’s health during a pregnancy, fetal anomalies are discovered during pregnancy, or a woman must undergo chemotherapy after she is diagnosed with cancer before or during a pregnancy. These are all conditions most private insurance covered before this extremist government overreach. When insurance companies provide coverage for safe, legal abortions, they allow women to make their own healthcare decisions while minimizing costs for the company and other clients. Extremists across the country are using big government to take that liberty away.


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