Hot News Stories (7/14/14)

Massachusetts Live (Boston, MA)
Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker is proposing a $300,000 increase for the Department of Public Health to offer contraceptive services to women potentially affected by the recent Supreme Court ruling.

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)
A fight over the future of the state legislature’s ability to overreach into women’s health issues in Tennessee is moving into high gear as supporters and opponents of Amendment 1 aim for multimillion-dollar fundraising goals.

RMC in the News:

Toledo Blade (Toledo, OH)
In Ohio, Republicans’ so-called “war on women” has been redefined beyond health-care issues, but it still remains to be seen whether the tactic will bring out female voters in droves this November. RMC member Joan Lawrence said,  “I don’t think [the issue] is helping Republicans with women in the party.” “It’s certainly not helping with me. It’s just really sad that the party that believes in limited government has decided that government is appropriate in the case of reproduction,” Ms Lawrence said.


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