Senate Hears Pro-Choice Bill

Yesterday, a Senate hearing highlighted some of the ways state laws limit women’s access to family planning when the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed a bill designed to create national standards for reproductive healthcare.

By our count, in 2013 alone, state legislatures introduced over 230 anti-choice bills. These dangerous measures interfere with the most personal decisions of American families and restrict women’s access to fundamental healthcare such as cancer screenings and STI testing. 

According to a new report, 33 states have even passed legislation that require doctors to offer care that violates basic medical standards and evidence. These laws include biased counseling,  unnecessary ultrasound requirements, mandatory delays in abortion care, and restrictions on the safest and earliest medication abortion drugs. These laws prioritize the personal and political beliefs of state legislatures and go against all scientific consensus and medical evidence. 

The bill heard Tuesday, the Women’s Health Protection Act, would establish federal guidelines for legislation that seeks to regulate women’s healthcare. RMC is currently in talks with Republicans in the House and Senate to hear their concerns about such a bill and to offer our guidance and support. 


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