Hot News Stories (7/21/14)

Associated Press (Boise, ID) 
A three-judge panel heard arguments on Friday that a federal judge’s ruling striking down Idaho’s unconstitutional 20-week ban should be reversed because criminal charges against the filer had been dismissed. Idaho was one of seven states to adopt a 20-week abortion ban in 2011, citing medically inaccurate information about fetal-pain.

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)
As family planning clinics close in Alabama due to big government overreach, women are forced to make two separate costly 300-mile trips to family planning clinics to comply with the mandatory 48-hour waiting period.

Santa Barbara Independent (Santa Barbara, CA)
Anti-choice protesters plan to sue the City of Santa Barbara for its “bubble ordinance”, an 8 foot buffer zone which was approved by a federal appeals court as early as 1999. The city attorney is confident the bubble ordinance will withstand legal attack.


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