Hot News Stories (7/28/14)

Washington Times (Washington, DC)
Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is continuing to defend the state’s anti-choice 12-week abortion ban to a federal appeals court, arguing the state has a legitimate interest in barring the procedure at that point in a woman’s pregnancy, even though such a ban violates Supreme Court precedents.

KSN News (Kansas City, KS) 
One of four remaining clinics in Kansas that provide abortions has closed because its doctor and manager have retired. The clinic manager says former patients need to fight for reproductive rights instead of relying on clinic workers to wage that battle.

WRCB News (Nashville, TN)
If the  proposed anti-choice amendment to the Tennessee’s state constitution succeeds in this fall, the state would have “unlimited constitutional authority to pass any regulation or restriction on abortion that they like, including banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)
Despite a recent court decision, Wisconsin workers of private businesses that have religious objections to birth control can still obtain contraceptives as part of their health coverage at no cost, a state official said.


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