Hot News Stories (7/31/14)

Politico (Boston, MA)
Massachusetts has now replaced its 35-foot family planning clinic buffer zone with a new dispersal zone law intended to withstand Supreme Court scrutiny, but elsewhere, state and local officials are still trying to determine the effectiveness and constitutionality of their own buffer zones.

Military Times News (Washington, DC)
Legislation mandating that military servicewomen and Tricare beneficiaries are able to receive FDA-approved contraception at retail pharmacies and through the mail without co-payment was introduced in the Senate Wednesday. Currently, the rate of unplanned pregnancies in the military is 50 percent higher than among civilian women and the Defense Department is not required to provide active-duty female troops family planning counseling.

ABC Local (Albany, GA)
Family planning services across the state of Georgia have been awarded a $23.4 million Title X grant for family planning services, a preventive healthcare program first signed into law by Republican president Richard Nixon.


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