Hot News Stories (8/01/14)

Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, AL)
Following a ruling declaring Mississippi’s admitting privileges law unconstitutional, US District Judge Myron Thompson said Thursday he would release a decision on a similar Alabama law by Monday after he reviewed the Mississippi case.

ABC Local (Austin, TX)
A family planning clinic in North Austin closed Thursday due to the enforcement of HB2, Texas’ controversial anti-choice bill imposing TRAP laws forcing Texas clinics to make medically unnecessary changes to their facilities that, in this case, would cost up to $2 million. This is the 17th Texas clinic to close since November.

The Republic (South Bend, IN)
The University of Notre Dame is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court in its challenge to all 20 of the FDA-approved forms of birth control in the contraception mandate. Notre Dame is one of more than a dozen schools and religious nonprofit organizations that have challenged the government’s accommodation, which allows the university to shift payment of contraceptives to a third party.


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