Hot News Stories (8/18/14)

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Republicans want to beat Democrats at their own game this November by proposing a new way to widen access to birth control. GOP candidates around the country are saying they want to make the pill available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription for the first time since it was approved in 1960.

Jackson Clarion Ledger (Jackson, MS)
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report this month that shows the U.S. birth rate among unmarried women, including teen moms, “has declined steadily since its peak in 2007-2008,” leading to many questions about the causes of this change.

Bloomberg Business (New York, NY)
Fertility rates can be affected by lots of variables, including the effectiveness of contraception and women’s access to it, as well as the state of the economy and perceived opportunity. And then there’s MTV.


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