Hot News Stories (10/28/14)

Cincinnati News (Cincinnati, OH)
The abortion issue has driven a partisan wedge in the otherwise non-partisan Supreme Court justice race in Northern Kentucky.

Fox News (USA)
Despite previous failures, Colorado voters are once again weighing whether to approve a first-in-the-nation “personhood” law, which would have far-reaching consequences in the state and could effectively ban abortions. 

Chicago Sun Times (Chicago, IL)
When asked if they support a proposal to “require all health insurance plans in Illinois to cover prescription birth control,” 62 percent of registered voters were in favor, while 59 percent of likely voters supported it.

Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK)
A physician who provides abortion services at an Oklahoma family planning clinic on Monday asked the Oklahoma Supreme Court to put a law on hold that he says could put him out of business.


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