Welcome to RMC’s Election Day Coverage

1:15 AM ET

RMC- endorsed Pro-Choice Republican Charlie Baker has won the Massachusetts governor’s race, defeating Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, according to a CNN projection.

12:05 AM ET

A strong majority of North Dakota voters stand up to big-government “Personhood’ Measure 1 – on today’s ballot. This dangerous amendment was defeated by 64% – but would have been one of the nation’s harshest anti-choice laws. Congratulations to mainstream Republicans in North Dakota – speaking out for real GOP values!

11:45 PM ET

Mainstream Republican Bruce Rauner defeats incumbent Democrat Governor Quinn in Illinois Gubernatorial race, an upset in a traditionally blue seat!

11:40 PM ET

North Carolina race called for Thom Tillis and Joni Ernst becomes first female Senator from Iowa–  giving the GOP control of the Senate.

Current balance of the Senate  52 GOP and 44 Dem

We know the mainstream Republican caucus has been consistently outspoken in its efforts to forward bipartisan solutions over partisan gridlock. Now, as pro-choice Republicans, your voice has never been more important. Pro-Choice Republicans can be a silent majority no longer!

10:45 PM ET

BREAKING: RMC endorsed candidate, former Congressman Bob Dold wins Illinois 10th District. In a mainstream Republican pickup for the House GOP, incumbent Democrat Schneider concedes to Dold. Dold was an outspoken champion of pro-choice initiatives during his time in Congress and RMC looks forward to working with him in the next year!

GOP pickup in Colorado with win by Cory Gardner

Balance of power in the Senate stands at 48 GOP and 42 Dem
Republicans need one more seat to take Senate majority

10:15 PM ET

Additional GOP pickups in South Dakota and Montana brings Republicans two seats away from controlling the upper chamber.

Balance of power in the Senate stands at 46 GOP and 42 Dem

9:55 PM ET

BREAKING: Dangerous Anti-Choice Personhood Amendment 67 FAILS in Colorado. This is the third time similar big-government personhood measures have been rejected by Colorado voters.

Hard-fought races by Scott Brown for New Hampshire Senate and Richard Tisei for Massachusetts’ 6th District end in disappointing losses.

9:45 PM ET

RMC-endorsed Congressman Richard Hanna is re-elected in New York’s 22nd District. Representative Richard Hanna is an unequivocal leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and RMC is excited to continue our strong working relationship in the 114th Congress.

RMC-endorsed Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen is re-elected in New Jersey’s 11th District. Representative Frelinghuysen will remain a champion of commonsense legislation in the coming years. 

After a hard fought race, Scott Brown fell short of picking up the Senate seat in New Hampshire. Incumbent Democrat Shaheen will be re-elected.

9:15 PM ET

Not a huge surprise, but Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives. Three seats needed to gain control of the Senate as well.

Balance of power in the Senate stands at 43 GOP and 40 Dem

8:45 PM ET

RMC is thrilled to welcome back Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) to the House of Representatives. Dent has been a strong voice for pro-choice, mainstream Republicans in Congress and we are excited he will return for another term. The GOP also took another seat in the battle for the Senate, with Tom Cotton winning his race in Arkansas.

8:08 PM ET

Interesting numbers coming out of exit polling in New Hampshire. Of all voters, 56% disapprove of President Obama and 52% believe that Senator Jeanne Shaheen agrees with the President too often. The race is key for Republicans, as pro-choice Republican Scott Brown challenged the incumbent but it is currently too close to call.

At the 8PM mark and polls closing in many states a number of Senate Races called:

Republican Wins

Susan Collins is re-elected in Maine
Thad Cochran re-lected in Mississippi
Jeff Sessions re-elected in Alabmana
James Inhoff wins in Oklahoma
James Lankford wins in the OK Special Election
Lamar Alexandar wins relection in Tennessee

Democrat Wins

Ed Markey wins in Massachusetts
Cory Booker wins in New Jersey

No projections in Deleware, Illinois, Rhode Island and New Hamphire

The Senate balance of power stands at 40 GOP to 36 DEM

8:03 PM ET

BREAKING: Pro-choice Republican, RMC-endorsed Senator Susan Collins is projected to have easily defeated her opponent, holding onto her seat for another term. Her return to the U.S. Senate is a victory for mainstream Republicans!

7:45 PM ET

*Polls in Hartford Connecticut will stay open for another half hour until 8:30PM

Polls closing at 8:00p ET:  Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts

RMC Races to watch at 8PM:

Dan Debicella (CT-4)
Tom Foley  (CT Gov)

Senator Susan Collins  (ME)

Richard Tisei (MA-6)
Charlie Baker (MA Gov)

Scott Brown (NH)

7:30 PM ET

Balance of the Senate: 34 R to 34 D

BREAKING: Polls close in West Virginia – Mainstream Republican and pro-choice champion Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito is projected winner!

RMC endorsed Capito is the is first GOP pickup of the   – and will be first female Senator of West Virginia. RMC is thrilled she will bring her commonsense values and strong leadership to the Senate.

The tight North Carolina Senate Race between Senator Kay Hagan (D) vs Thom Tillis (R) too close to call

7:22 PM ET

Georgia race Nunn vs. R- Perdue is too close to call as is the Warner/Gillespie race in VA

Lindsey Grahm has a clear win in South Carolina and

Incumbent Nikki Haley (R) projected winner in the South Carolina Gubernatorial Race – 51% to 41% (1% reporting)

*the talk of her as a VP candidate in 2016 has already begun

7:05 PM ET


BREAKING: Senator Mitch McConnell (R) wins re-election in Kentucky 55% to 42%

Allison Grimes won the women’s vote 51% to 46% – McConnell won men 58%

McConnell got 19% of Independent vote

6:40 PM ET

Via CNN Exit Polls:

A majority of midterm voters are dissatisfied or angry with President Barack Obama’s administration, according to the first wave of 2014 exit polls analyzed by CNN.

Roughly six in ten voters are either angry or dissatisfied with Obama, though about the same proportion feel that way about Republican leaders in Congress, and most voters have an unfavorable view of both parties.

5:15 PM ET

First results coming in!

Reminder: 36 out of the Senate’s 100 seats are up for election.

Via Huffington Post: First results of the evening: McConnell (R) leads Grimes 60.9%-36.8% in Kentucky Senate race

2:30 PM ET

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is demanding extended polling hours due to voting irregularities at multiple voting sites that he claims are “completely inappropriate.”

The governor’s campaign office filed a complaint in Superior Court requesting an injunction that would keep the polls open past their scheduled 8:00 p.m. closing time following reports of problems at polling stations in Hartford, CT.

Because of delays and other problems at Hartford polling locations, we are filing a complaint in Hartford Superior Court asking that voting hours be extended to accommodate voters who were unable to vote or were discouraged from voting this morning,” the Malloy campaign said in a press release. Read more here.

12:40 PM ET

From the Experts:

FiveThirtyEight estimates that Republicans have a 67.2% chance of winning the Senate majority.

According to the Cook Report, ten races are currently in the “Toss Up” category: Overall, we tend to believe that Republicans will get to 51 seats. Anything beyond that is very difficult, but not impossible if a bit of a wave develops in a couple of states. It is worth remembering that Toss Up races don’t break evenly for the parties. One party tends to win a disproportionate share of them. As this chart illustrates, over the last eight cycles, one party or the other won 70 percent more or of all Toss Up contests in any given cycle.”

Incumbents certainly don’t all have their races in the bag, as the Cook Report makes clear: “Outcomes are still far from certain for Democratic incumbents Mark Begich, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Udall, Hagan, Landrieu, and Pryor, as well as for GOP incumbents Mitch McConnell and Pat Roberts. “

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball (via University of Virginia Center for Politics) is betting on Republican Senate Majority:  “While many races remain close, it’s just getting harder and harder to envision a plausible path for the Democrats to retain control of the Senate. Ultimately, with just a few days to go before the election, the safe bet would be on Republicans eventually taking control of the upper chamber.”

12:05 PM ET

Balance of the Senate:

Republicans need a net gain of six seats to take a majority of the Senate. These can come from a combination of beating Democratic incumbents (such as in New Hampshire) and winning out in open races (such as West Virginia and Georgia), in addition to holding onto current seats (such as Kentucky and Maine)

It is possible that control of the Senate will not be decided on election night, as races such as Louisiana likely requiring a run-off.


11:00 AM ET

Today’s the day–Election Day! RMC will be posting live updates throughout the day right here. To get your day started, here are a few stories on choice and GOP related issues and candidates that we will be following!

Washington Post (Washington, DC)

Colorado has a personhood measure on today’s ballot that does not explicitly mention abortion, making it different from many past personhood measures.

Nashville Public Radio (Nashville, TN)

In Tennessee, if anti-choice Amendment 1 passes today, it will enact one of the nation’s most stringent anti-choice restrictions. 

Politico (Washington, DC)

The anti-choice personhood movement is using a different approach to get its law passed in North Dakota: intentionally vague wording.

New York Times (New York, NY)

After a long season of campaigning, both parties waged last-minute efforts on Election Day with many races still looking extremely close. The GOP leaders, though, are openly optimistic about what the outcome of the day will be.

For more information on dangerous, anti-choice ballot initiatives, check out our previous post from last week.


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